Friday, 22 March 2019

Latest Stark VPN Settings for MTN Free Browsing 2019

Hello, stark VPN is also one of the VPN APP that still be used to access free Internet on MTN network along side tweakware VPN, Web Tunnel and some other less popular apps.

The Stark VPN is easy to configure and it's user friendly just like tweakware. If you are already using the Latest tweakware VPN settings we posted recently then you have no  big deal in setting up Stark VPN as their interface is almost the same.

How To Set Up Stark VPN For MTN Free Browsing 2019
Note that there is no need of stark vpn configuration file, all you need to do is to insert the settings below.

Now follow the steps below to configure the Stark VPN settings for MTN free browsing
  • Launch the Stark VPN App
  • inside Stark Vpn 
  • Change None to custom 
  • Tap on custom button and make the settings below 
Stark vpn configuration for mtn

 ➖ selection mode : HTTP
 ➖ Server Port : 8080
 ➖ Host Header :
 ➖ Select header line type : Multi Line
 ➖ proxy host :
 ➖ proxy port : 8080

Then Tap on Disconnected and wait for few seconds to get connected.

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